Executing jobs in Sahara through Horizon

24 Oct 2014

Prompted by user hogepodge in an IRC discussion I created a video demonstrating how to run a basic job in Sahara through Horizon. The video shows the execution of the example PIG job from the Sahara source base. It does not go into the configuration of the stack necessary for this, but does show everything from image registration on inside Sahara.

This is my first screencast and the audio is a little off, so I apologize up front. There is also a small lul in activity during the actual job running phase and I was experiencing a minor UI glitch(see if you can spot it). Overall I’m happy with how it turned out and hopefully it will be useful.

OpenStack Sahara basic usage from elmiko on Vimeo.

Images from the Sahara documentation pages for the vanilla plugins can be found at http://docs.openstack.org/developer/sahara/userdoc/vanilla_plugin.html.